MACé int forwarder

THE leading company in the field of the Shipping International.

- road transport:

Our services are available for the destinations which ask for a specific training: IRAN, TURKEY, RUMANIA, AZERBAIJAN, ARMENIA, GEORGIA, TURKMANISTAN, UZBEKISTAN, RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, TADJIKSTAN, MOLDAVIA, Ex-YUGOSLAVIA, ALBANIA and BULGARIA (bulking, partial and complete loads).

Also, our services apply to all the countries of the European Community.

- Maritime freight:

our quality of service in this sector means that we can satisfy the most demanding needs The goods are collected and strengthened in containers within our warehouse. Our expeditions are weekly towards all the major world ports.

- Storing and Road transport: placed to Lesquin (France 59) we propose you: warehouse equipped for the load and the unloading, completely secured, answering the current standards.

- Any activities of Logistics with the packaging, the treatment of the commands and the labeling


- COLLECTION and the DISTRIBUTION on all the European countries



Our close working relations with our partners allow us to guarantee a system of traceability until the delivery to the final consignee. Our work experience places us among the leaders in this domain.

Any transport is automatically insured, as much at the level national as international, according to the cover CMR. In the demand, we supply a police of assuranc

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